2017 Worcester Cup

On March 2–5 The Country Club in Chestnut Hill, MA held their annual Worcester Cup bonspiel. This year South Shore sent four teams to compete:

  • Jamie Quinn, LeRoy Woodman, Kayla Grossman, Kendall Walker
  • Michelle Landry, Dick Dawson, Andy Jussaume, Kate Dawson
  • Evan Falkof, Jonathan So, Jim Chaplin, Dee Chaplin
  • Jane Sousa, James Zuber, Brendan Hurd, Caitlin Zuber

I think Jonathan summed it up best: “What a great showing this year. This is the greatest club success in the 4 years I’ve been to this bonspiel. Four teams went, every team won at least once and even losses were close, 2 teams made the finals, and above all great company and fun!”

That pretty much sums things up nicely. As a young club we were often beaten (sometimes badly) by more experienced clubs, so it’s great to see our teams consistently being competitive.

Teams Quinn and Sousa both made it to the finals on Sunday, with Quinn winning the Shrewsbury bracket. Congratulations!

Below are some photos from the weekend. You can see more in the Worcester Cup 2017 photo album on Flickr.